GreenSong Sanctuary

GreenSong Sanctuary is located at the base of the Vallhalla Mountains, in the beautiful Slocan Valley, near Nelson, BC. Its 157 acres reaches from the 1/4 mile it stretches along the Slocan River to the top of the valley, on Perry Ridge (Perry Ridge Ecological Reserve, link to short video: Across the river from the sanctuary is another sanctuary, in the form of an island. Its official title is; The Walter Clough Wildlife Sanctuary (number 33 on the birding map:, but we just call it "The Bird Sanctuary" because the birds all flock there - the swans winter there and spotting eagles, osprey, geese and more, is a common occurrence.

This land is extraordinary. Everyone who comes here feels expanded by its beauty and its energy. That is why we chose it as the perfect spot for an arts and healing sustainable living center. That is why the indigenous people were drawn here, establishing it as an archeological site.  And, that is also why we are seeking like-minded people to help steward the land who recognize its value and are wanting to share it with others to educate and promote our connection with nature, and what it means to be a healthy, happy, human, in balance with the natural world. 


There are different opportunities to be involved with GreenSong Sanctuary:

  • 70 – 80 acre parcel is for sale
  • 20 acre parcel is for sale
  • Partnership in the existing infrastructure & healing center